Welcome to The Corner of Wake Forest Event Center

The Corner consists of four different spaces, each with it’s own function and purpose, all of which will contribute to your successful event. If you are planning a wedding, anniversary, surprise party, pop up activity or educational program, each of the Corner’s components will ensure you and your guests have a wonderful experience, all while enjoying the inside Victorian architecture and the outside courtyard and garden spaces.

This is a breakdown of what the Corner has to offer...

The Corner Chapel and Ballroom: This formal space has a maximum capacity of 120 seated attendees for a formal wedding, dinner or educational lecture. This space serves as your primary entrance to the Corner from the North Main Street sidewalk. Guests enter through the courtyard ramp or the brick stairway onto the patio and then through the exposed-iron entrance foyer. The dimensions are 48.5 feet long and 20 feet wide. This space can be set up as a formal chapel for a wedding ceremony and then converted into the banquet hall for weddings and large, private parties. It also can serve as a lecture room. The space is illuminated with three dimmable chandeliers and track lighting directed on the exposed-brick walls. This room opens to the other half of the building, the Corner Bistro area. During wedding ceremonies, the bride will enter up the steps through the original, double door entrance to the Corner from the North Main Street sidewalk. The bride will then walk up to the mantle area at the back of the room, stand under the chandelier and face the attendees. In this configuration, the room functions like a small, private chapel. The basic wedding price is based on us providing 100 folding chairs, rectangular and round tables with black spandex covers and table runners. Certainly you can upgrade the chairs and table linens with your own private vendor that we will recommend. 

The Corner Bistro: The Corner does not have a kitchen, however we enable you or your caterer to provide food and drinks to create your own special bistro experience. This informal space serves you in many ways and has a seated and standing capacity of approximately 50 attendees. It can be used as a food and dessert buffet area, for gift tables and merchandise displays, a formal bar and self-serve refreshments space or even your own sports bar setup. Your guests can sit or stand at the cocktail tables and use our antique heart pine tables for additional seating. This space measures twenty feet wide by forty seven feet long. In the back is a separate multi-purpose room measuring twelve feet by fourteen feet. This dedicated space affords the caterer an area for food prep and provides you with extra storage. This room also has a window access to the bistro where a server can serve food or bartender drinks on a five foot wide counter. You also could elect to use our widescreen television in this room’s opening or simply use the plantation shutters to close it off and use as an additional serving counter. Catering and temporary storage are simplified by the large, buffet cabinets and serving counter

measuring fourteen feet long and twenty eight inches wide along the center of the room. You can pick your own caterer or one of our recommendations. There is a 10% fee for caterers.


The Corner bistro opens to an elevated side porch for additional standing or sitting room for guests to enjoy and it faces North Avenue and the seminary. From inside the bistro, you will appreciate the panoramic view of the North Main and North Avenue intersection which is the entrance to our historic district. If you are searching for the perfect rehearsal dinner or private party venue, your evening would begin in the bistro with drinks, ceremonial remarks and dinner consumed in the ballroom and then walking around the Corner garden and courtyard for music, conversation and maybe a nightcap.


The Corner Chapel and Bistro are both decorated as a gallery with original artwork from local artists. All of these pieces are suspended from picture rail molding and can be adjusted or removed, depending on what atmosphere you would like to create. You can bring in artwork, banners and any photographs and signage and it can be easily displayed on our walls and illuminated with our adjustable track lighting.  If you need digital displays, we have a 75 inch television for the ballroom and a 55 inch television for the bistro. The televisions operate on HDMI and thumb drive input devices and the Internet. Our clients enjoy projecting photographs and videos from the past and real time!


Corner Courtyard, Victorian Garden and Parking Lot: We assure you that the outside space we have to offer you will become a memorable part of your experience, whether it is a wedding, rehearsal, surprise party or educational event. The owners designed, installed and maintain the landscape which features many native, annual, perennial plants and bushes. The Victorian Garden surrounds the 1894 Powers/Dodd House and is completely integrated with the courtyard and parking lot. In summer and fall, the building provides shade for the courtyard entertaining area and the two residence porches have a swing and rocking chairs to enjoy. Our towering banana trees provide shade and privacy for the dedicated grill/cooking area you are welcomed to use.


The courtyard has four different surfaces: granite gravel, brick pavers, exposed aggregate concrete and fescue lawn. The granite gravel sitting areas extend in two directions, one to the side of the house leading to the driveway and the other to the North Avenue sidewalk and front of the house.  We hope you take the time to stroll the entire grounds and enjoy what is in bloom. At the North Main street sidewalk you can sit or stand in the brick paver patio and utilize the entrance stairs or the curving concrete ramp to the building entrance. Both areas are defined by low, brick walls. We have chairs, stools and tables you can move about to create your own conversation or dining spots. You also are welcomed to enjoy our small fescue lawn which borders the sidewalk. We have space for tents should weather be a concern, we have toys for children and will accommodate your dog’s participation in your event. And if you want live music, there are a number of amazing spots that have great sight lines for your talent. Musicians love the Corner of Wake Forest.


The parking lot is available after 5:00 on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. There is room for as many as fourteen cars, depending on how they are parked. Street parking is available on the streets surrounding the Corner. The parking lot could also be the perfect place for a food truck which you are welcomed to host! The best way to visualize the Corner is to schedule a visit and check everything out. We look forward to helping you hold a fun, memorable and successful event that everyone remembers. The old Corner Ice Cream Parlor has many memories, we look forward to helping you create new ones. 

Bride and Groom Spaces

In addition to the spaces above, the bride and groom will enjoy the dedicated space we have prepared for them. The bride's room is on the second floor of the Corner. There are two private bathrooms and an office kitchen consisting of a sink, microwave and refrigerator. Her wedding party will have complete access to the spacious common area that includes a private room formally decorated in a Victorian style. The grooms quarters are the dining room in the Powers/Dodd house which overlooks the courtyard. He will also have access to a kitchen and bathroom which encompasses much of the first floor of the residence.